Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday ^_^

Seriously, I forget the way to blog and what to blog after I din't blog for quite long.

Since after the exhibition, I stopped blog.. and keep posting 1 photo per post. LOL.. Sipek emo..

Just finish convo.. and dinner as well.. getting emo. :D haha...... got to find a job very soon, cannot keep stay at home doing nothing =.=

Anyway.. here's a post for today. Dont tulan me.. haha

Just checked my friendster today.. and I saw this..

its my LV-Lecturer Bday hahah.. Not Louis Vuitton, for those in my class will know what do the LV stand for :D

also.. today is my pet dog' birthday as well.. haha..

she is 1 year old already.. and its equal to 7 years O___O haha

So.. thats all for today.. will try to post up the exhibition photo and the convocation photo as well..

good nite.


Dragon said...

so cute!

迷迭香 said...

ur doggie and Akira same bday oh hahahaaaa....^_^

maro^gal said...

happy birthday to ur pet dog..... is so cute...
wat is her name??