Friday, November 14, 2008

Format jor..

got my laptop format... its better now .. pheww

i got problem with my hd previously..
my total space suppose to be xx.xxgb/74.5gb
but donno what happen, it became xx.xxgb/64.5gb

why ar? but after formatting, it become back to 74.5GB already..


in the mean time, i dun have any songs in my laptop =.= due to i din't back it up ^_^

only backup my photos.. haha

1 comment:

Alex Chua said...

Let me guess...
Your laptop must have been struck by a unique and special virus named AKKhor.sxi

Commonly has the power to 'hilang' your 10gb. Must take care of your laptop. Coz if you dun, things may got worst.

Pop ups will soon appear saying:-

"You 10gb, hilang!"


"Hmmm...bagus heo"

Then worst things like blocking you from using PHOTOSHOP. Messages like:-

"User 'Peter', senior kamu datang join 'Band Reunion'.....bagus heo"


"User 'Peter', you mesti tau mana satu lebih important dan urgent. Photoshop, no. Armyshop, yes!"

will haunt you.
So must remember to update your anti virus.

Oh yea in case u dunno what anti virus i'm talking about its

Salahlo Anti Virus 2009