Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Convo Day pt.1

Sorry for lack of updates. :D

As promised, I will now post up the photo for my convo.

Due to I am lack of photos as well, I will just update what I have for now k?

My convo was held at Trader Hotel, formerly is the famous Shangri-La hotel.

Total of 180+ Diploma student and 50+++ certificate students arrive there early in the morning.

We got to wear the harry potter look-a-like robe, so we got to go there early.

The convo only start around 11.30am, which is suppose to be 11am sharp.
but you know lah, got Very In-punctual Person going.. sure.. got delay one.
anyway, its another chance for us to cam-whore.

stop here 1st.. to be continue..