Saturday, January 27, 2007

class work..

hmm, one of the class assignment is, movie making.. after seperate into groups.. my group decide to make a horror film. ahak.. thinking bout horror, i think derek, my band senior.. he last time write before a script about band room got the horror thing.. well haha but then in the end the movie fail cos the actor actor all dun want act.. and so i asked him if he would write me a script for the horror movie and he say yes. so the story is out.. and now waiting for shoting the movie. erm the movie is about what? is about a girl, who when crazy after some ... .. .. and force by her mum to eat the medicine. and so so so.. dun wnat tell u all much.. haha.. but then if u got interested to watch the movie.. haha faster enroll to my college and find me o my classmate.. u might have chance to watch the movie.. or if u see outside or in the net.. got the title.. SIDE EFFECT ( not twin effect, sound effect, after effect ar...) haha that might be our movie.. but then we hope can complete it la.. haha will upload some screenshot here if can.. lalala

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