Saturday, January 27, 2007

After A movie

yo, well today i went to watch movie with my classmate at GSC -GP . that time not many people and so out of so many movie, we watch an indonesia horror movie name kuntilanak. and so we went into the cinema, its not too big.. about can fit 100people.. but then inside only 26/100 people in there. and 20/26 is my classmate. haha imagine if we dun go watch that movie.. how many of them in there... haha.. back to the movie.. starting of the movie.. the introduction part.. it took almost 5 minutes to tell us who is who.. den after we see the intrtoduction.. finally the movie start.. with a girl, hand's full with blood, background got fire.. den infront of her a scissor, a stone and a plate?? is that a plate? den the story ma jalan lo... whole movie nothing to comment la.. just that some part not make sense.. and the SUBTITLE!! GOSH!! some part got some part dun have.. somemore is in BM not in English.. and the people all talk so fast.. we dunno what they talking about.. from the sound we heard is like they are RAPPING.. yo yo check it out lalalalala.. =.=" haih want say horror dono can consider it as horror o not.. cos my fren all.. =.= haha.. den ma like that lo.. after the movie.. all crazy.. haha all singing the song.. as if like very fun =.=" haih spend money to scared myself haha... yess la.. i got a bit scare but then.. still ok la.. at least i watch the whole movie leh.. kekekek.. those who want to watch can go try watch watch.. haha but then make sure u bring a dictionary..

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