Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hadyai, Thailand _ 001

I don't know bout other place but, Hadyai definitely a place with full of thing.. every where u go..


Here are some alot..

1) Hadyai Electricity cable - the cable there is like a those unwanted string..
Even when you walk halfway you will scare that the electrical pole will explode any time because of the buzz-ing sound.

2) Human and Food - Yes, especially when you are there during holiday season, then you will know what I mean. And the food there is awe..some/full depends on where you eat.

3) Mango rice - you can find this on the street every feel stalls you pass by. But you got to choose it right.

4) Prawn, Chicken Drumstick - This one also you can see every few step you walk. It depends on the price or the offer. Or maybe the person who sell you look attractive to you. Prawn size range from small to big.

5) Is this what the provide in every hotel room?

Anyway going there is fun.. should go again next time..


KOKahKOK said...

did u manage to use during ur stay in thai? lol

wenzi said...

nope not at all :D dun use..